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Europe's fruit and vegetable garden

Europeans are spoiled when it comes to delicious food products. In Belgium alone the impressive selection of local beers and creations by artisan chocolatiers speaks volumes about choice. The importance of superior taste and quality is engrained in the DNA of European producers of fresh produce. Whether it’s apples, pears, or a specific type of tomato, the goal is always to produce the best fruit and vegetables.

Belgium is located in the heart of Europe, making it an advantageous location for logistics. When you factor in the favourable climate and fertile soil it’s not hard to see why the country is one of Europe’s most important agricultural and horticultural regions.

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Try and fill your fruit basket with every possible type of European fruit and you’ll soon realise that one basket is not going to be enough. Filling your basket with every available piece of fruit might prove to be an impossible task, but if you stick to the most popular fruits you should be fine.

Europe is is where delicious hard fruit first originated. So it’s no wonder that we have a multitude of varieties that include the juicy Belgian Jonagold apple and sweet Conference pear. Berries also take full advantage of the favourable European climate. Sweet strawberries, blueberries, rasberries and cherries are but a few examples of the many varieties that our fruit growers have to offer.

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European vegetable growers are hard workers, always looking for perfection. That makes the seasonal vegetable harvest something to look forward to. Chicory and Brussels sprouts are more than worth discovering, but you already knew that.

Leek and Belgian endive are the most widely produced winter vegetables in Belgium. Tomatoes, butterhead lettuce and bell peppers are also favourite items to top up the vegetable basket.

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Pure quality & food safety

A foundation you can rely on

Superior quality and food safety are the basic pillars on which our export policy is based. A range of organisations and quality labels are passionately commited to maintaining the high standards for European fruit and vegetables.

One example from Belgium is the Flandria label. The majority of Belgian vegetables are marketed under the Flandria label. Flandria guarantees that vegetables are of superior quality, and are grown on family farms that respect the environment. Quality control inspectors monitor the cultivation process, the varieties used and external qualities such as shape, sorting, maturity and firmness.

Sustainability is alive and well in Europe. The fruit and vegetable sector strives for a balance between ‘people’, ‘planet’ and ‘profit’. Responsibly Fresh is a Belgian label that symbolizes this aspiration. The sustainability label stands for the production of quality products through optimal use of production that protects the environment and human health.

Moreover, this is one sector in the European Union that will be verified by independant inspectors from the food and safety agencies. In Belgium this is carried out by the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC). Their mission is to preserve the safety and the quality of our food in order to protect the health of consumers, animals and plants. FASFC inspectors carry out checks throughout the production cycle, from the planting stage to export.


Several organisations are responsible for providing services throughout the food production cycle.

The majority of Belgian fruit and vegetables, for example, are traded via auction houses, that utilise a synchronous clock sale system. In addition, a limited amount of produce is sold via fixed-term agreements. A far-reaching quality policy guarantees that the requirements of the customer are always complied with. There are often large, uniform consignments. This is because the auction houses combine their offers and produce.

The produce is then passed on to the exporters. The exporters use their expertise to deliver  a personal service tailored to your specific requirements. The flexible business environment allows for a quick response to specific trade-related requests. Personal service is not limited to just speaking the language of the customer; it also involves the opportunity to develop a customised solution.

Solutions that are applied worldwide.

These are our main export destinations:
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CANADA 1,88%
INDIA 16,77%
RUSSIA 0,90%
USA 3,62%


The share of fruits & vegetables in the exportvolume of Belgium to the countries of the TOE program (in tons and for 2016)

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Fruit and vegetables from Belgium, in the center of Europe, touch hearts worldwide.  These six people found their way to Europe, following their dreams, passion or the love of their life; and fell in love with our fresh produce.

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